• Are we entering a new age of SEO?
    [March 24, 2016] Sound familiar? Well it’s not all that new a concept. People have been ringing the SEO-is-dead bell for years. Long live SEO. However two “facts” are clear. The first is that the basics of SEO have not changed much in a decade. I even wrote about this a year ago, so it must be true. […]
  • Update: The Complete Guide to Mastering Duplicate Content Issues
    [February 22, 2016] There is little doubt that duplicate content on a site can be one of the biggest battles an SEO has to fight against. Too many content management systems are designed for and work great with various types of content, but they don’t always have the best architecture in regards to how that content is implemented […]
  • Twitter Working On Another User-Based Ad Format
    [January 19, 2016] Twitter is reportedly working on a new ad format that would enable advertisers to utilize tweets from regular users and promote them. This is according to DigiDay, which cites people who got a look at the offering at the Consumer Electronics Show. From the report: The new product is based on what Twitter is calling […]
  • Social Network Predictions to Consider for 2016
    [December 14, 2015] It’s that time of year again, folks. Every digital or social media marketer you know is issuing proclamations or social network predictions about what’s in store in 2016. Don’t worry, it’s not the year of mobile again! Jokes aside, it’s true that the social landscape continues to evolve and if you’re not already considering how […]
  • CDNs have what Google needs, speed
    [November 9, 2015] Google has maintained its austere minimalism, mostly unchanged since 1997, because, as I have said before,speed is king.  Google’s like Meb Keflezighi: built for speed. Like Meb, Google prefers to do his daily training runs with the like-paced. Since there are no famous relay racers, let’s just say that Google wants to pass off every search […]
  • What is Website Authority, and Why Do You Need It?
    [October 12, 2015] Building up a website’s “authority” has been a focus of web marketers since Google rolled out their first algorithm built around links. Prior to that, SEOs focused almost exclusively on keyword optimization of content, but Google changed the game. Of course, back then it was simply about grabbing as many links as possible, but that […]
  • Facebook Launches Live-Streaming Capabilities
    [September 21, 2015] Facebook is getting into the live-streaming space, but only for celebrities with verified accounts. Public figures (actors, athletes, influencers, musicians, etc.) are now able to launch a live-stream through the Facebook Mentions app. We will take a look at how Facebook live-streaming works, examples of how it is being used, and how brands can get […]
  • SEO Red Flag: Content Focus On Volume Not Value
    [August 26, 2015] There is nothing wrong with publishing content on a large scale. If you have the ability and the audience that craves it, by all means, push content out every month, every week, every day or even every hour. More power to you.
  • How Social Media Automation Can Encourage Engagement
    [July 29, 2015] When it comes to social media, there’s a widely held belief that automation is wrong and that all engagement should be human and one-to-one. When talking about automation, social media gurus and consultants will offer the following reasons why there may be something wrong with automation:
  • Google Search is more Rain Man than Beautiful Mind
    [June 22, 2015] It’s a little known fact, but something I try to remind everyone all the time, that Google Search has a lot of common with Dustin Hoffman‘s character in Rain Man, Raymond Babbitt. Google Search may well be a highly-functional super-genius with the entire world of everything readily indexed and available in its big brain; but, like Raymond, there […]
  • Search isn’t about search anymore, it’s about social
    [May 21, 2015] Search will never be the same as it was as recently as a few years ago. Google is severely penalizing sites that are buying links or are invested in private blog networks. Sites that have dominated search in the recent past are being penalized or de-indexed, going from the first page to page twenty or […]
  • 3 Unignorable Components Of A Sustainable Web Presence
    [May 1, 2015] Any good recipe relies not just on the ingredients themselves, but on proper proportions and measurements. The reason it’s so difficult to reverse-engineer ranking algorithms is that not only do the “ingredients” change, the proportions are constantly being tweaked as well. This is why even if we could confirm, beyond all doubt, every search engine ranking factor used by […]
  • Walkthrough of Twitter’s New Search Feature
    [April 10, 2015] Earlier this week, while searching on Twitter, I was presented with 0 Comments, but only for a minute or two (luckily, it was long enough to get a couple screen grabs). Then it went away.
  • What Google+ Changes Mean for Marketers
    [March 16, 2015] With last week’s announcement of Google re-organizing Google+ and putting Bradley Horowitz, Google VP of product in charge of Google Photos and Streams products, you may be asking yourself, “Is Google+ dead?”, or “How should I adjust my strategy as a result of these Google+ changes?”.
  • Use Your Social Media Efforts To Improve Your SEO
    [February 11, 2015] It’s the question that anyone using social media as part of their web marketing wants the answer to: Does social media impact search engine rankings? Most SEOs agree that social media marketing itself has very little direct impact on rankings. That means that doing X via social media rarely results in rankings going up.
  • Latest Version of Firefox Improves Upon Video Chat
    [January 20, 2015] Mozilla just launched Firefox 35, which includes improvements to its video chat offering. Firefox Hello was first introduced in testing in October. New functionality has been added to make it available for primetime in Firefox 35. Mozila is dubbing it “a simpler way to communicate”. It lets you make video calls to anyone using a […]
  • Building Links Isn’t About Asking, It’s About Engaging
    [December 11, 2014] Those with the old-school mindset of SEO still look at link building as a numbers game. If you ask enough people for a link, you’ll get a link or two in return. But link building today isn’t about askingenough people, it’s about engaging with the right people.
  • Optimizing Your Content for Search and Visibility
    [November 7, 2014] Make no mistake, discovery of content through search engines is more important than ever. But the practice of optimizing content for search visibilty has changed substantially.
  • Six great blogs for B2B Marketers
    [October 10, 2014] In our fast-changing marketing world, a smart B2B practitioner keeps up to date by learning from thought leaders. While this used to mean reading business books and magazines, today it means blogs. We’ve all heard the stats about blog proliferation. A new blog launched every six seconds—or whatever. And there is no dearth of blogs […]
  • The Basics Of Link Building
    [September 15, 2014] Welcome to another edition of my ongoing series here on Biznology – link building basics.
  • Tips For Creating Chemistry With Your Audience
    [August 19, 2014] One of the greatest challenges in running a blog well is making sure that it reaches the right audience and elicits the desired response from them. How do we create content that resonates with our intended audience?
  • Remember These 5 Tips When Writing Social Media Posts
    [July 31, 2014] Your social media engagement traffic, engagement, and exposure are critical to your success. You need to score home runs with every piece of content.
  • Storytelling and Content Marketing Lessons From Traveling
    [July 2, 2014] Growing digital marketing skills and knowledge are more important now than ever. I’m sure you can relate to the pressures of having to continuously stay on top of what’s new and most effective. The good news is that much knowledge can be gained from new experiences and connections. In the past 2 weeks I’ve had […]
  • Repurposing: Content marketing made easy!
    [June 10, 2014] Content marketers have it tough sometimes — creating all that content is no easy matter and staring down an empty editorial calendar with nary a tweet in hand is enough to give any content marketer pause. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Done judiciously, repurposing existing content can help fill in those gaping […]
  • Is It The End of The Road For Google+?
    [May 8, 2014] I’ve spent ages trying to get to grips with Google+ Yes, it’s yet another social media platform to get your head around, but considering it’s from Google it’s got to be good for business, right? You can imagine my horror after reading a recent report in Techcrunch announcing that Google is planning to move 1000-1200 […]